Who we are and our goal

BREATH was founded in 2019 with the belief that everyone should have the right to access fresh clean air. We strive to provide a life necessity that isn’t always available in the right quality. Fresh, clean air…

BREATH believes everyone should be entitled to clean fresh air, but we know  that isn’t always possible due to where they are located. Due to a large air pollution in several part of the world mission of BREATH is to at least partially mitigate the consequences in the most critical areas, while it is necessary, at the same time, to ask ourselves about the causes and fight for their elimination.

BREAT's goal is to bring you as much clean air as possible. Air is harvested in several location in the region without direct or indirect sources of pollutants, taking into account all relevant circumstances (e.g. temperature, pressure, humidity, wind) for achieving the highest quality, also, during further process, by removing the largest possible number of harmful substances in the air that could harm your health.