Air quality on the road

"Whate we breathe when we drive?" is a question we never aks ourselves. The fact is that we spend around 8% of our day inside our vehicles, contributing to the roughly 90% of the time we spend indoors. Our cars are small, confined spaces that can have much higher pollutant concentrations that other indoor spaces.

Numerous studies have found that new vehicles typically have the highest concentrations of chemicals. Depending on the vehicle tested, researchers have consistently found between 30 and 250 types of volatile organic compounds, including several identified as potentially toxic to humans, including:

- Benzene: Used in the chemical industry to make plastics. Exposure to benzene     has been associated with increased rates of leukemia, lymph cancer, and blood     cancer.

Ethyl benzene: Exposure is associated with acute respiratory effects, such as     throat irritation, irritation of the eyes, and neurological effects like dizziness.

Acetaldehyde: Exposure is associated with erythema, coughing, pulmonary   edema

Toluene: Is found in additives, paints, adhesives, etc. Toluene is classified in t   as a reproductive toxicant, and is also associated with many neurological   effects, from muscle weakness, tremors, and impairment of speech.

Xylene: Is used as a solvent for paints. Exposure to xylene may cause liver   and kidney damage and can also result in dizziness, headache, or confusion.

So how do you protect yourself from all these dangerous substances? The answers are:

- Avoid sitting in the car while it is parked

- Minimize heat buildup by using windshield solar shade

- Frequently clear the insede of your car

These are all measures that can be taken when we do not drive the car. But what can we do while we are on the road? Certailny the answer is that we have to ventilate the car. But what if that's not enough? Here are a series of particles that cannot be got rid of by natural ventilation. For these particles here is our air purifier which is designed to ELIMINATE ALL THE AIR IMPURITIES FROM YOUR CAR.